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We have now been married for fifty-seven years and when we come home for Northland reunions, we also spent time at Cabbie’s.

Breunig’s Lager was a Rice Lake, Wisconsin, beer that was always on tap.

Jean Anne (O’Brien) Case 1958 I grew up in Ashland but attended Northland and did stay in the dorm one year. Tom Chvala 1958 As a student from 1955 to 1958 I didn’t go into Cabbie’s very much as I didn’t and don’t drink.

I mostly remember spending a lot of time in Cabbie’s because the age to get into a beer bar was eighteen and they had tap beer for a dime. But I was a designated driver way back then and would drink Pepsi there. My girlfriend, future wife, Charlotte Guss, went in there with her brother.

Upon further research we found that the same subject was also under open charges for poaching a bear and resisting a warden in September of 2016, two months after the alleged “depredation” of his hounds.

Wearing jumpsuits and helmets with headlamps, they ducked into the mouth of a cave, descending into a maze of jagged limestone.

“It’s a competitive sport,” Lee Berger says of paleoanthropology.

The field is split between those who consider him a visionary for sharing his fossil data and those who worry that he places showmanship over rigor.

It was a lot of fun meeting others and dancing and not spending a lot of money. She was nineteen or twenty and he was eighteen or nineteen. She didn’t have an ID and the bartender whether it was Ida or someone else wouldn’t serve her because she didn’t have an ID.

I remember scrambling to get back to the dorm by 10 p.m. That got a lot of good play over the years at family get togethers. The only bartender who stands out was Cabbie himself.