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Oliverio now considers himself a gay chubby chaser, a sexual preference that goes against the grain of muscle-obsessed queerdom. He must have low self-esteem,’ or people think it’s an ego thing, as if chasers just want someone they can feel better than,” he says.

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After obtaining identifying information of adults posing as minors, who may offer their telephone numbers and other details so that meetings can be arranged, the organization passes the information on to law enforcement.

The site additionally attracted media attention, both laudatory and critical, as a result of their collaboration with Dateline NBC on a series of televised sting operations called To Catch a Predator.

Perverted-Justice also operates a site that targets groups and individuals it identifies as being involved in the pedophile activism community, The site originally started with the posting of chat logs to shame people who engaged in sexual chats with purported children.

Some members of the site allegedly went further by harassing the targets of their chats in real life, as well as their friends, neighbors, employers, and family.

Records updated regularly.* Arizona Court Records Court records of statewide felony and misdemeanor dispositions from all counties except Pima and Maricopa since 1987.

Results may include the defendants name, DOB, identification number or record, charge(s), physical description and estimated release date.

Results show the disposition date, county, defendant name, DOB, charge(s) and offense.

Records updated regularly.* Alaska Sex Offender Records All sex offenders sentenced since August 1994.

In just one term you can earn your Phlebotomy Technician certificate and be working in the medical field as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy is often an excellent stepping-stone to other careers in health care such as medical assisting.