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Kitty Blue is of the preggors now and tends to sleep...a lot..just eat..whine for her hubby's attention..any case I spend the majority of my time in hormonal weirdness and thus haven't been writing lately. Such a nice switch to have Kagome meet him while she's a little girl instead of him meeting her while he's still a little boy.

I love the way she saved him, too, and gave him cookies which gave him strength. Besides, this is a FANfic, who the hell is going to OWN the things and ALSO write fanfics about them?! " Kagome called out, turning as a tentacle lashed out straight for him.

----------------a/n----------------Some things about Yoruichi are made up THANKS FOR 100WATCHERS !!! ""I think I can find a place.""But you have no family here...""Well, I could ask Ichi or something.""Won't his family freak out by seeing some stranger sleeping over? You look at the hot tub and then at the house continuously 5 times.

Key- when it talks like this, it's the hollow version -------story time------"Are you serious?! ""Then I'll ask Urahara.""Why don't you just stay with me?

And now he is an espada.""I'm sorry but I can't take you seriously, put something on or something." SMACK "This isn't the time.""Ouch.

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I will say, though, the ending to CC made me bawl the very first time I watched the anime. Yusuke sucked in a hissing breath of air as Hiei's normally round irises narrowed, becoming almost like a feline's pupils. Yup, all three males decided, this was some weird dream.

"That's gonna be useful.""Yep now get inside, it's almost night. " You take off your shirt and pants leaving you in some shorts.

"Finally." You sit up and look around noticing a hot tub. "Gahhh *gurgling noises* ahah *swallowing noises* ack *cough noises*. " Yoruichi transforms back to her naked self laughing like a maniac.

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