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The site is really based on a template that shouldn’t be used for dating sites, and that’s why spending a total of three months here and struggling to send out 140 messages ended up being way more of a pain than it ever needed to be. From those 140 message, we weren’t able to get a single response back into our inbox, which really says a lot about how dead the site was as a general whole.

Are ian and nina dating in real life

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“The chemistry is there, but they are doing a good job trying to hide it,” Leading body language expert Dr. They can hide all they want, but the body doesn’t lie.

Lillian Glass told them after looking at photos of Nina, 21, and Ian, 31, courtside at the Lakers game May 27 and shopping together in Venice, Calif. The truth comes out.” “His hands are in his pocket [while they are shopping], which means he’s hiding, and his thumb is down, which means he doesn’t want to reveal anything,” she said, explaining, “He’s tight-lipped — it means he’s holding back.

However, when they split, all eyes were They apparently want to take it slow and be together behind closed doors — they’re even planning a trip to Europe to spend time together away from the cameras, the report added.

However, a source close to Ian told Hollywood exclusively that “they are not back together,” but we’re totally still hoping they will soon!

However, some tabloids announce about Nina’s fancy to Orlando Bloom and Ben Mc Kenzie.

Vampire Diaries co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have sparked romance rumors.

Ian and Nina’s relationship is interesting because, just as they broke up in real life, their onscreen romance went into overdrive, heating up in all sorts of ways. Do you think that the kiss they shared on stage is the beginning of a beautiful rekindling — of an old flame perhaps? Watch the video below and tell us what you think of their sizzling chem.

“Can you believe this almost five years in the making?

They were quite friendly as they accepted their prize and, even though they address their break up in a playful way, their impossible-to-deny chemistry — real life and fictional — has everyone wondering just how broken up they remain.

Are Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev secretly back together, just keeping their relationship on the down low until their careers (or ) needs a little pick-me-up?