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While fragments of her testimony to us were reproduced last week, only now can we present her comprehensive account with previously unpublished material.

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Another noted "flaw" in Pascal's wager is that you can't rule out the possibility that only skeptics are spared from Hell.

Perhaps, it is argued, God loves the spunky fact-loving personality of skeptics and saves them alone, or saves them in the greatest percentage.

Webcams are built into most computers or they may be separate items that connect to the computer via USB.

A webcam doesn’t have its own Internet connection or IP address, so a computer is required to connect to a network and process the image into a form that can be streamed.

Let’s start with the most basic and inexpensive and work our way up.

Webcams are cameras that are connected to a computer, and via the computer to the Internet.

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But if you become a Christian and there's no God, all you've lost is your Sunday mornings.

(Here I am simplifying.) Many of my blog readers left comments alluding to the well-known "flaws" in Pascal's argument. Chief among the alleged flaws in Pascal’s argument is that you still have to pick the correct religion among many, or else you go to Hell anyway. But picking any religion that promises salvation slightly improves your odds over picking an option that doesn’t.

You're still probably doomed, given your bad religion-picking skills, but a one-in-a-million chance of reducing the risk of eternal Hell is a move worth taking, mathmatically speaking.

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