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The Ikhwân al-Safâ’ or “Brethren of Purity”, as their name is commonly translated, are the authors of one of the most complete Medieval encyclopedias of sciences, antecedent at least two centuries to the best known in the Latin world (by Alexander Neckham, Thomas de Cantimpré, Vincent de Beauvais, Bartholomaeus Anglicus, all dating back to the 13 (see later).

It is very well known, and a great deal of research into it has been done by Eastern and Western scholars, but the variety of topics addressed and the questions raised as to the identity and ideology of its authors remain unsolved.

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And all of that for a woman’s approval or a simple embrace or a kiss.For centuries, poets and playwrights have endeavored to understand the fairer sex, and so have I. My name is Victor, the greatest lover in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have encountered many women and have made them swoon over me. Living in a city famed for its beauty, helped instill in me a fondness for all things full of life and beauty.I was enamored by it, but felt that true beauty could only be found in things that were new and young, so I dreamt of coming to America.Many young men try and fail in their pursuit of the fairer sex all because they do not understand how women think and what they are looking for.Therefore, I shall provide the lovelorn men of this city with five steps to guarantee success while courting a woman.Like I said, I prefer things that are new and young. I am now a ghost of course and take my place in the history of what is now Old Town Alexandria.