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What I really want is some flavour of End Edit() that behaves just like pressing enter on the last row of a grid with adding disabled. my version is a slight different from yours, because when i move to the other cell, and my code returns e.cancel=false in the cell validating event, an error will be generated, says that: "operation did not succeed, because the program cannot commit or quit a cell value change". this is my code: Protected Overrides Function Process Dialog Key(By Val key Data As System. Cells(1) frm Ok_Click(Me, New Event Args) Catch ex As Exception End Try Return True End If End If Return My Base.My main objective is to make the Enter key not move to the next row in the grid. If that doesn't work, you can create a Key Press event on the cell and emulate pressing Enter on the cell, but that may mess with the users UI, just put the carat back where it was.

I guess I could call On Cell Validating, but then I'd be worried I'm missing some other event. Keys) As Boolean Dim key As Keys = (key Data And Keys.

On the form there is another button called "Save" - if the user clicked on the "X"-Button on the form he does not want to save his/her entered value...

I got 2 Datagridview in my form and I'm using cell validation and cell validating event handler.. If i leave the cursor in the cell itself and try to open a new file through menu click..i'm getting a error message : "Argument out of exception was unhandled by usercode, index was out of range." I know, when the cursor is in the cell, it got focus and it's in the process of cell validating that's why i'm getting this error.

If the event handler for the Cell Validating event finds that the value is an empty string, the Data Grid View prevents the user from exiting the cell until a non-empty string is entered.

For a complete explanation of this code example, see Walkthrough: Validating Data in the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control.