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Compound specific radiocarbon dating

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As impossible as it may seem, Russian experts believe the stone map, could be 120 million years old.

The Dashka slab depicts not only the environs of the Ural Mountains, but also a series of civil engineering projects including 7457 miles (12,000 km) of channels, several dams, and hieroglyphic notations of unknown origin.

The Dashka Stone is a controversial artifact that it is believed by some to be the guidelines used by the architect of the world.

Known as the Map of the Creator, this stone tablet has baffled researchers since its discovery in 1999.

If this investigation reveals that the person was wrong in those details, this casts considerable doubt on the veracity of his or her entire story.

However, if the minutiae check out, this is some indication – not conclusive proof but some evidence – that maybe the witness is being reliable in his or her overall account.

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More than one archaeologist has found his respect for the Bible increased by the experience of excavation in Palestine.Translocated traditional Kerala houses in vernacular architecture, these villas are entirely built of wood, elegantly furnished with traditional fittings adapted for modern use and state of the art in amenities.Living amidst the profusion of wood is a unique experience, as are the open to sky toilets and rain showers.Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and has brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history.archaeology can demonstrate that the places mentioned in the Gospels really existed and that customs, living conditions, topography, household and workplace furniture and tools, roads, coins, buildings and numerous other ‘stage props’ correspond to how the Gospels describe them.It can show that the names of certain characters in the Gospels are accurate, when we find inscriptional references to them elsewhere.At dawn, watch the sunrise over the lagoon from the private sit out as fishermen row out in their canoes, drawing in the night's catch.