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DTR – DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIPYou guys are hooking up, dating, or even together... GHOSTING #ghost #ghosts #ghosted #ghosting #webcomic #webcomics #funny #stupidfunny #cartoonart #cartoonist #comicartist #comicstrip #comedy #comics #punsfordays #punny #puns #Nunes Toons A post shared by Keith A Nunes (@nunestoons) on This is where you end contact without any heads up, texts or talks whatsoever.

And you could be doing this to a friend, to a potential love, or even your bae.

The act of bread-crumbing is to lure a person in to give them enough attention to keep their hopes up that something may happen. Catch and Release This is exactly what it sounds like. But, this little ghost keeps coming back unexpectedly.

Catch and release is when someone tries so hard to “catch” a significant other, but then once they have them, they “release” them. This is when someone has a flirtatious relationship with you, but will sometimes not answer texts at all, never follows through with plans and doesn’t really have intentions of dating you, according to ‘s Jason Chen.

Gone are the days when you would say you are crushing on someone, single or committed – now you could be breadcrumbing, benching, ghosting or even haunting. BAEThis one has been around for quite a while but for those of you who don’t know, bae is Before Anyone Else. But here’s a guide to help you get a hang of the modern dating terms.Think of this as people making the best use of technology.Most languages have some special words and phrases for dating ... Check out a few possible and impossible Danish endearments or try out some Danish dating lingo for beginners.Danes are definitely not shy about using words that in some cultures are considered taboos or simply rude.Modern day dating scene is one weird mumbo jumbo of a world for singletons or not so single.