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They will then advise you an alternative location such as the Sitting Buddha/Lucky Buddha/Marble Temple and claim that it’s only open once a year today (sounds too good to be true eh? Listen to them and you will end up at some jewellery or tailor shops where you might be coerced into buying overpriced crap.

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It’s rather hedonistic in scope, for the most part.” Havok added that the duo recorded “20 or 30” songs during the is scheduled for release on September 11.

“It deals with sexual scenarios of different sorts, of various cases and people and environments.

When there are so many themes running through the record, people choose which they want to focus on, which are more poignant to them at that point in their lives.

The title really speaks to all the different levels that are on the record.

Which is certainly a good thing, being that Havok has made a living out of venting.

The song is very direct with its chanting chorus of “I hope you suffer/ Just like I suffered.” But it’s the way those words roll off Havok’s tongue, with just a hint of venom, that makes it hard not to think of someone that you wouldn’t mind inflicting a little pain on.