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For a man who does not believe in a miracle, a slow miracle would be just as incredible as a swift one."*G. Chesterton (1925)."The theory of evolution gives no answer to the important problem of the origin of life and presents only fallacious solutions to the problem of the nature of evolutive transformations . We are condemned to believe in evolution, but we will always search for a suggestion concerning the methods of transformations . Perhaps we are now in a worse position than in 1859 because we have searched for one century and we have the impression that the various hypotheses [of how evolution could have occurred] are now exhausted.

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Now demanding 20 percent for the work he put on this. His name is Andy, he grew up right down the street for me. Like I ain’t giving my all to this when I am trying to alter this questioning all of my motives when I’m just trying to make momma rich. Do I perform a 30 minute set while only using one flow? Acting like you’re the dopest but talent wise, I’m the ultimate. Dad and mom are right by ya but acting all like a fighter. I’ll show you how to do this like a generous father. But I’m good, you never seen a kid so there and so focused That’s shy I’m raising profit like marry and Joseph But to be honest, this bragging shit is worthless I don’t know about you but I got a bigger purpose You say “fuck the world” but your revelation is pointless You say “freedom of speech” but my generation is voiceless And I’m tired of it. You won’t love yourself until you are yourself and you are not yourself Avoidance is a drug You can’t post your whole fucking life on Instagram and expect not to be judged We vulnerable, we all just vulnerable But my bucket list will always be full I’m never satisfied I never had to lie I never havent grinded for the team of mine. I see you making like any comparison barely with evidence sneaking around like you really ain’t dissing me but I see the enemy up in. When the flames is burning, I break my chains and slay restraints this game has made ’cause ain’t no way they’ll stay and take my brain this game obtains the frame of a deranged yet famous circus. Rather give you drank and cigarettes than brain and intellect. Rise against me, I would like to just see you try to get on my level whenever you’re rhyming simply. I don’t really give a little mini shit about any of these little weirdos. I barely do features ’cause I can only record butt naked. So next time you ask for a feature I’ll assume that you’re asking to see my ass. To be honest I only really be going fast for everybody that be telling me that it’s stupid. I tend to lose my cool when they call me hotheaded. Each contest today I’m coming hard for chains back to back like slaves on Amastad. And now all those mother fuckers just look at me like a threat. Spit like a hybrid of a militant violent lyrical tyrant mixed with Goliath since I’m a giant think like a psychic ending this crisis behead em with my spit quicker than Isis. Literacy’s literally limiting to a living listening linguist licking the lips of the truth. You’re nothing, you’re a pawn in chess and I’m the king to you.

Took her back to the hotel, oh my god it was awesome. I import this penmanship for the poor dependent kids who purely pessimist. Everyone got their opinion but Token don’t listen to anyone who don’t be working as rigorous as me. Them cribs, cars, trips, broads won’t last long with no wisdom dawg. That’s a fabric of your imagination, we cut from a different cloth. You little baby, and I hate these artist’s groupies. Knives closer to my back, I’m awaiting stabs from a vulture. Every last frat rap slash whack ass pack that has slack kill them dead. ‘Cause I witnessed an epiphany- mind over matter, gain mental ability. So when it comes to music, I rather spend time over cheddar. You don’t feel me ’cause I’m officially better than you ever will be. Couldn’t stop my growth potential if you killed me.

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Now I'm under the table texting her subtly praying that this chick don't kill herself because of me. New problems Don't tell my momma 'bout all these new problems. He said he liked it but he wants to edit, so he got a new beat, corny hook and turned it to a pop record. Acting like a baller but now I know that he's not 'cause he's treating me like a dollar. They said I be doing the same shit, everybody wants something that’s new now, well right when I change it up, I’m whack though. You think I slid that line in there with no consciousness? Battle like I’m Napoleon Half these rhymes are nowhere as agonizing as Token is. Life defines my effort so I grind like Ryan Sheckler. My first song sounded like a page cleared by Shakespeare’s student. See it in your eyes, you rappers nervous when Token’ll come. “They don’t give a damn.” Middle finger to anyone trying to control me. Only suspender I know is my middle school principal. You’re more normal and typical than brainstorms formed by Jersey Shore’s whores with poor morals and principles. “Oh shit.” If that’s over your head than hold the phone kid. But I’ve been working my ass off since I was new in my teens. When they be telling my homies to listen to it I say we can’t do it without a bucket in case we pee ourselves out of laughter. Sounding similar to any new born with a booster missing in a new porsh going through the limit with two doors going to the ceiling with a huge horn that blew your hearing. And while I’m configuring that, I fit the friskyous filth in a track and leave it on top of your door step like shit that’s on fire. Now that things are moving everyone’s assuming I’m full of myself. I’ve been playing it cool but I still got confidence issues from being isolated in school. And I respond like “yeah man, I feel you man, I got you yo, you’re my people.” Get the fuck out of my face. They don’t want to see me humble, people just want to see me with a lower self-esteem. Today my place of worship is the place I lay my verse and hate became my rage, it made me flourish, now I put the rage in courage till it ain’t occurring. Understand you handed me this and man I can’t refuse you. You reek of weak talent that needs practice and cheap fabric that needs fashion extreme yapping that needs action and mean bragging that needs action. I broke down the barriers of a kid living a man’s life. At 17 I told the label that I grew up listening to that I can’t sign. You spit a flow they get quiet ’cause everyone hates it. I’m the ultimate newer entrepreneur, you’re looking old and done with your life. Music’s juvenile, but you the student who gets tutored now. Confident enough to go bar for bar and sound for sound. Hook: I’ve been working all day, I’ve been working all night, I ain’t even leave the room once. Love is inevitable and hate is unavoidable but ask them hip-hop heads how they feeling. A youngin in this game shouldn’t be constructing the thoughts he does. Pardon, I’m not a menus, this just how I solve aggression.

Just another check off his checklist, check to deposit. And bragging on the Internet just means you got a fake ego filled with insecurities killing you and that’s why… I see the fake fans, I’m who they want a problem with. Do I brag about money, clothes, dugs, hoes, while musically losing control? My appetite has a rose and these average minded opponents are appetizing I’m going in. Rappers always require passion tossed in the dryer. You ain’t internet bloggers you some twitter shit talkers. Your punch lines, corny, your flow can get a bit awkward. Do it till I got a great beard like I may steer the reindeer’s movement. See, this my life, my manager told me cherish the moment You haven’t been a kid in years, it’s apparent you know it. They say the body’s a temple, I body musical gimmicks, so that’s my newest religion – Confusing the thinking of Jews and the Christians. I adore gore; therefore, absorb more horrorcore war than corporals and generals. I got them yelling “holy smokes” like Catholics at the Vatican when the pope is chosen. And to anybody who say I’m only buzzing ’cause I’m young, you’re just mad that you’re an adult and you still can’t do it like me. Look at the hate in the comments, I see the low self-esteem up in you. What you’ve worn is true religion and new Jordan’s and Gucci fitteds but a uniform that’s truly fitting is a unicorn with a fruit addiction. I get on stage, and I blow them all away then I get off stage and I can’t even hold a conversation. This page I drain the pain I’ve gained through anger’s burdens. And until I’m banned from You Tube, the raps that I record will snap your spine cord and literally have your ass handed to you. They don’t want me to sound underground, well they don’t know I’m a landline. You will never work in the booth with me, don’t get frustrated. I just taught the teacher how to learn and preacher how to pray. You could fit a bucket of fries, a couple of knives and often supplies in the bags under your eyes. Next time you threaten to sue me just do it I want someone to diss. Just because what I spit made them cry like a bitch. I’ll take a passionate dookie on every rapper that knew me then I’m back to the studi like that was a doozy. Just don’t sweat the technique, you’ll fuck around and drown. Y’all would’ve thought I got scolded by now but we only allow positivity around us. A youngin in this game shouldn’t be this better than all of us. They just want me to take the role of a rookie, but instead I kept on grinding and each day took me another step. The glob of darkness in my chest you call a heart is shredded.