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— Tracy While testifying in family court during her divorce trial, Sally began to wonder why her husband and his attorney began smiling and smirking following several comments by Sally regarding the “work trip” she took in 2014 to San Francisco.

Sally’s body slunk in the witness seat as the family judge glared at her. Technology can have a powerful impact in modern divorce cases.

Divorcing litigants are often shocked to see the level of technology being used as a sword against them.

Sometimes, litigants aren’t even aware such technology exists.

Investigators routinely create fake accounts to try and gain access to profiles and information. Let your friends and family know that they should beware of any person they do not personally know trying to befriend them on Facebook. Change all online passwords to social media accounts, bank and investment accounts, life insurance and other financial accounts. Especially in the case of Snapchat, software exists that can recover photos and conversations that were ‘deleted’ by the app. Disable your Linked In account or ensure the accuracy of your Linked In profile page. Wilkinson has served as pro bono supervising attorney for the California Western School of Law and University of California San Diego joint collaborative legal-medical Community Law Project.

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Sometimes, text messages and emails go back several years, and show evidence of verbal abuse, admissions of other types of wrongdoing, and other things that the person who sent the messages might not have sent had they known they would turn up in court as evidence to be used against them.

In this day and age, though, emails and text messages can also be retrieved and used by a party who was not the recipient of the message originally.