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Erez Ben-Yosef, first found a wall of the 10th-century BCE copper-smelting site near Timna Park in the southern desert where the world’s first copper mine is believed to have been located.

Eq 2 stuck updating environment map

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You will need to force the Updater software to shut down first, then safely remove the Garmin Nuvi GPS by using the USB eject icon in Windows.

Once the device has been safely ejected, check if it is still functioning, then reconnect it to the computer, check how much space is available on it if you have not already done so, and try updating it again.

The first action that is recomended is to register the device with Garmin then download a free map update to ensure that you have the latest maps to start.

I've had no problems registering the device or downloading the latest software, or even downloading alternate symbols.

Ok, as it still has space available, then the issue is not with the Nuvi device.

The software may have stalled or had a conflict with some other software, so you will need to force it to shut down first, then safely remove the Nuvi by using the USB eject icon in Windows.

Once removed, check the Nuvi is still functioning, then try running the Updater again.

The Enchanted Lands were once home to the halflings, a merry folk who lived a peaceful life in the beautiful glades and forests.

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For example, use /who all priest to list all the healers in your current zone; /who all bard to locate dirges and troubadours in your zone; /who illusionist to find all the illusionists in your zone.I have done all of these with no success, still waiting for Garmin Support to contact me again so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what might be wrong and perhaps how to fix it. I'm trying to find out if anyone on the forum has experienced (and solved) a similar problem.From searching GPS forums plenty of folks have had the problem but no one has found a solution.Not sure how this is anything but a Garmin Server/Downloader/Software problem. It looks to me like the problem is incompatibility of the Garmin downloader with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems.Hi David, As it has been stuck for over a week, the update is not functioning as it should.who - can be a specific toon's name, "all" for the whole guild, "online" for players currently logged in, "group" for guild members in group with you, or "raid" for members on a raid with you.