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(2015) predict angiosperm occurrences in Anisian times and places, which are supported by Hochuli and Feist-Burkhardt palynological data (2004, 2013), and a calibrated phylogenomic timescale (C. Further, Hochuli and Feist-Burkhardt data (2004, 2013) are unequivocal. (2005) underscore the importance of studying poorly known Mesozoic gymnosperms in order to elucidate the roots of the angiosperm stem group. Stem group flowering plants are almost completely unknown except for tantalizing clues to their existence from fossil finds of angiosperm palynomorphs, which were recovered from deeply buried Middle Triassic sediments and later discussed by Hochuli and Feist-Burkhardt (2013). Pictured to the left is a flower of Protea compacta (Proteaceae, Proteales, Proteanae) photographed by the author.
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