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Grandstream phone not updating time

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First users in my company start to reporting problem, that their Weather Widget is not updating. I have the exact same problem I cant add a city to the weather application and does not update with error (An exception occurred while updating weather. I inspect, tried several times to go on update, but without results. Than I update one phone on newest firmware, tried the same, but still nothing. Once the upgrade has started, we recommend removing the P238 value from the device file, so that the phone does not upgrade firmware in the future without planning for it.First you need to get hold of a Hub, connect your unit and a computer to this Hub.It is recommended when issues are apparent and helping the end user is required.This will assist in consistency when troubleshooting such issues.

While it’s great for consumers, to us it highlights what is wrong with the GPL2 license which lets companies do this in the first place.Here are a few important things to note before you get started: The Grandstream GXP3240 for example, supports up to 6 user accounts, which means you can configure up to 6 different users on your phone.When you first log in to the phone’s interface, you’ll land on the general settings page for Account 1.The information found here will always be based on the most recent release.After allowing the device to reboot completely, wait 60 seconds and the upgrade process will begin.The Grandstream GXV32xx is a business IP phones suitable for small business and enterprise users.