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Multi-camera systems are great for outdoor surveillance, or when you need to monitor multiple potential entranceways to your home or business.Not only that, they also act as a visual deterrent, discouraging criminal activity by their mere presence.It is legal only if an employer has reason to believe an employee may be divulging trade secrets, when a company policy allows for workplace surveillance, if a computer user is clearly notified that their online activities may be monitored, or to track children’s activities online and protect them from predators and other risks.Use against a spouse is legally murky, as seen in the previous examples, and has the potential to land the spy in legal hot water.On Laws and Home-Brewed Espionage The laws regarding eavesdropping and spying on family vary on a state-by-state basis and in many cases the legality is not extremely clear.There are cases to support, for example, a husband using GPS software to track his wife’s car without her knowledge or keylogging his home computer to spy on his wife without legal repercussion.Get the best miniature cameras you can afford for the areas inside and/or outside your house where you want to put them.Consider the power source, connection and kind of recording and recording storage for every camera you choose.

Particularly with regard to information gathered with the intent to go to court, it is wise to seek legal counsel before beginning.

Legitimate Cases for Becoming a Spy There are a multitude of reasons people choose to spy on one another: parents keeping track of suddenly independent teenage children, spouses concerned with infidelity, or perhaps someone requires evidence that a friend has sticky fingers.

Perhaps it is simply fun and games – a child play-acting as Bond, James Bond.

Brick House Security offers a huge selection of pre-made hidden cameras - and we can also teach you to build a hidden camera of your own.

The first step in making a hidden camera is figuring out if a covert camera placement makes sense for your needs.