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Verbal: Yelling Name calling Threatening to hurt or kill (you or themselves) Constant blaming Shaming Emotional: Apologizing and making false promises to end the abuse; false hope Isolation from others Ridiculing, criticizing, blaming Neglecting physical or emotional needs Abusing pets Accusing of affairs Monitoring conversations Making accounts for time Criticizing friends and family Embarrassing you in front of others Constant phone calls Sexual: Constant sexual demands Forcing unwanted sexual acts Committing rape or incest Treating others as sex objects Making demeaning sexual remarks Forcing pregnancy or abortion Physical: Holding down (restraining) Poking, grabbing, pinching, Pushing, shoving Locking in or out of the house Subjecting to reckless driving Kicking, biting, spitting Hitting, slapping Choking, strangling Burning Throwing or hitting you with an object Using a knife or gun 1.