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ITEM #5299: PARKER STANDARD SIZED 51 VAC IN CEDAR BLUE WITH GOLD FILLED CAPS. Silver / Grey clip screws (jewels) and a Fine Parker 14K nib. 0 ITEM #5309: KULLOCK MANDARIN 51 STANDARD SIZED AEROMETRIC SET. $ 175 ITEM #5310: KULLOCK COCOA 51 STANDARD SIZED AEROMETRIC W/ DOUBLE JEWELS and FINE PARKER 14 k NIB. 5 ITEM #5311: KULLOCK MANDARIN STANDARD SIZED AERO 51, GF CAP DBL JEWELS. 5 ITEM #5315: PARKER GREY VAC 51 W/ STNLS CAP W/ STACKED COIN BAND; '1946' NIB '6' with/ 3 DOT DATE CODE. Fine gold nib - i can't tell if this is 14K - as I pointed out above, thes can't be taken apart because they are glued together - and 12K gold filled cap and green barrel. ITEM #4741: VACUMATIC PARKER 51 STANDARD SIZED FOUNTAIN PEN and TWIST PENCIL SET IN CORDOVAN BROWN. Has "PARKER MADE IN USA" on side of blind cap and no discernable date. ITEM #4545: PARKER 51 BALLPOINT / STANDARD SIZE AEROMETRIC FOUNTAIN PEN SET IN DARK BLUE WITH BRUSHED STAINLESS CAPS and CHROME TRIM. Both are cap actuated with no dents or dings in the metal. Nib is mid-FINE as measured on a Parker factory nib grading gage. MEDIUM nib on fountain pen and metal thread insert in cap actuated ballpoint.