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For long just like NTR and CHIRU He has A hu Ge Bod Y That h E ca N chang E i N man Y way S - Riteeshkumar Jr. Beauty flower is there no use, without smell, but jr ntr proved that he is beautiful flower and good acting of odour. He is not great, his teacher are great who thought all those things. His movies has some moral to the society, he is a great dancer & matured actor He ha S goo D crow D i N hi S fan O h E think S abou T hi S fan T the Y hav E a N bette R futur E - Riteeshkumar Allu Arjun Dancing dynamite... Balakrishna I Love him Very Much, He Has great Character Than Any OTHERS IN Real Life! It goes to say that audiences will come to watch films as long as there is good story and is a clean entertainer.