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Thank you, I was so afraid it would be crappy for anyone but I oh so wanted to make one for Kaoru he is my favorite and there isn't even one of him or Hikaru so I kind of had to try it XD (Sorry about my english I'm french)I've seen one of Tamaki but it was a just very short test and another one of Kyouya that was nice but still not finished thank you, I still think Pacthesis's games are a lot better and they're longer but it must be very difficult to make one like hers I admire her ^^ I tried my best to make him not OOC, I'm pretty sure if one day a guest wanted to be only hosted by Kaoru he'd be like very surprised and shy (He is just so adorable x3) it's not like he has ever hosted alone neither has Hikaru ^^I think the hardest would be Kyouya and Mori yes ^^ They're both hard to read and they're my least favorites (I love them, i just don't feel as connected to them as the others) Last is Kyouya, then Mori, then Hikaru, then Tamaki, then Haruhi, then Honey and well my favorite's Kaoru ^^ What about you?
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