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The furtive glances around the room afterwards to see if anyone has clocked what has just come to pass. Making empty promises to a customer on a Friday knowing that the weekend staff will pick up the flack and it will be a distant memory by Monday morning. The powerful sense of injustice and betrayal when you see that Mrs Smith from yesterday only scored you a 6 out of 10 for helpfulness. The rush of euphoria upon discovering that there is four or five seconds downtime on average between calls and cherishing the moments as if they were your last on Earth 20. That awkward chat about the weather when your system is on a go slow. That one chatty customer who wrecks your call time stat for the day resulting in you losing your bonus, meaning there’ll be no night out for you on payday. That colleague who seems to know absolutely everything and tells you what you should have said on your last call. That sickeningly cheerful colleague who prides themselves on living the company’s values. Dress down days where buffets are laid out but only managers aren’t too busy to go and enjoy it. And that insufferable favourite colleague who is always granted time off calls to help decorate the booths for a theme or charity day. The artistic and illegible doodles and notes on your scrap paper by the end of the day giving a dark insight into your tortured soul. That one bitter colleague who seems to get away with being abusive and unhelpful to customers without so much as a verbal warning. Being nominated to have a new starter buddying alongside you and warning them to get out now.