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FIXED:- Improve detection and feedback of playback errors using Streaming Brain.- Using Poster image in Continue Watching section if Fan Art is not available.- Episode number was not centered in Episode cells in Season Details View.- Debugging menu moved to Help & Support, and now you can share your debug info from more services.- Prevent library picker and cast button from getting stuck in a disabled state.- Keyboard would remain on screen when opening the sidebar from a search.- Tapping home in the sidebar would sometimes return to a previous search.- Retry failed images when connection to the server is restored.- Switching filters may crash the App.- Season detail unwatched badge sizes to fit its content.- Fixed audio player layout on i Phone 4S.- Camera Upload is now paused during playback to prevent playback issues.- Sync Storage limit reached message had a black line over.- Fixed a subtle crash in Camera Upload.- Multi-server search result locations are now ordered alphabetically.- Tweaked search results UI for better readability.- Improved post-play screen with TV Show title.- Thumbnails while seeking will use the correct aspect ratio.- Audio player would buffer the whole track before starting playback.- The Add to Playlist button was sometimes disabled incorrectly.- Disable alphabet bar for Cloud Sync libraries with and index out of date.- Opening a related photo may not always create the right photo gallery.- Couldn't open photos from search results.- Fix problem with some photos not showing up in a gallery.- Fixed an issue where a Plex Pass promotional screen wrongly appeared on local trailers.- Fixed issues with Sync when the devices free disk space is low.
In December 1987, Barris Industries under the ownership of movie producer Burt Sugarman and Giant Group, L On September 6, 1989, Barris Industries changed its name to "The Guber-Peters Entertainment Company", Barris Program Sales was renamed to "Guber-Peters Program Sales" and Barris Advertising Sales was renamed to "Guber-Peters Advertising Sales" and was headed by Peter Guber and Jon Peters.