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Let’s take a quick look at how the situation unfolded as the months rolled by before we head into 2016’s forecast, with a couple of nasty trends on the horizon. We think there’s actually been a small drop in scams in which crooks pose as relatives in distress but this has been more than offset by the huge surge in scammers pretending to be from the IRS and demanding payment of unpaid tax bills. Likewise, Internet browsers are also getting somewhat smarter at spotting phony or dangerous websites and then warning users. Here’s our forecast, in Top 10 order, with the actual 2015 outturn in parentheses. As the recent hacking of the Ashley Madison dating site demonstrated, once crooks get their hands on member details, they potentially could use them for all manner of tricks including identity theft and extortion. Ponzi schemes, reverse mortgages, real estate con tricks, and private stock offerings are all on the rise. Victims are younger, inexperienced and, therefore, potentially more easily fooled. Links to supposed sensational stories on social media sites may also lead to malware and ID theft. Watch out for a new spam attack posing as a tracking notification from UPS.
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