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Roger Shawyer, a British scientist who invented the Em Drive, says that the industry has moved past far past Nasa's tests of the space propulsion technology, a space technology race is ongoing amongst private companies Roger Shawyer is the British scientist who first proposed the concept of Em Drive in 1999, and was ridiculed and even accused of fraud by some in the international space community despite his work being funded by the UK government and licenced by Boeing.How the Em Drive works The Em Drive is the invention of British scientist Roger Shawyer, who proposed in 1999 that based on the theory of special relativity, electricity converted into microwaves and fired within a closed cone-shaped cavity causes the microwave particles to exert more force on the flat surface at the large end of the cone (i.e.From the lengths of the twins’ chromosomes to the microbiomes in their guts, “almost everyone is reporting that we see differences”, says Christopher Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.He and other project scientists reported the early results on 26 January in Galveston, Texas, at a meeting of scientists working in NASA’s Human Research Program.Mission team members had been considering drilling a Mars rock dubbed "Bonanza King" but scrapped the idea after pre-drilling activities suggested that the stone is not stable enough, NASA officials said.Read the full story: Curiosity Rover Packs Up Drill, Hits the Martian Road Again Curiosity has found three iron meteorites, the first space rocks on the Martian surface of its mission, NASA images reveal.Two of the meteorites, called Lebanon and Lebanon B, are close together, with the larger one (Lebanon) spanning nearly 7 feet (2 meters) in width.

6) NASA marks the one-year anniversary of the Mars rover Curiosity's dramatic landing, and you can watch the celebrations online. to noon EDT (1445 to 1600 GMT) today, Curiosity team members will reminisce about the rover's harrowing Red Planet arrival on the night of Aug.“The greatest importance of the study is to show that we can do it,” says team member Andrew Feinberg, a geneticist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.“I don’t think people realized it would be so easy to do genomics on astronauts in space.” Scott Kelly spent 340 days in space in 2015–16, giving him a lifetime total of 520 days.NASA's Mars rover Curiosity transferred powdered rock sample from its robotic arm to an analytical instrument on its body on March 11, and then drove about 33 feet (10 meters) toward the southwest on March 12. 27, when it experienced a short circuit while attempting to transfer the sample, which the rover had collected from a rock dubbed Telegraph Peak.Read the full story: Mars Rover Curiosity Hits the Road Again After Short Circuit NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has passed up a potential drilling target and instead resumed the long trek to the huge Mount Sharp, which has long been its ultimate destination.CS, Year 1993-2011, Workforce Information Cubes: https://8.