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In July 2009, Carly saves Claudia after a car accident, but the stress of that causes Carly to faint, but again her and the baby turn out to be fine.

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News agencies, which had picked up the image from North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), eventually killed the distribution of the photograph with Agence France-Presse stating “excessive digital alteration” had taken place.Eric Baradat, the AFP photo editor, said “various anomalies” were apparent even though the North Koreans were becoming more sophisticated in their fakery.Understanding life in North Korea boils down to embracing two contradictory ideas: the situation for people in North Korea is more different than we can possibly imagine, and yet all people around the world are fundamentally the same. My trip to North Korea vividly displayed this basic fact of life.

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The hotline is used to communicate as hundreds of workers travel back and forth at an industrial complex jointly established as a showcase of cooperation between the North and the South.

A liberal sex culture is certainly not encouraged, but as far as sex is concerned, people make their own choices.” Another refugee explained that many North Koreans begin dating in middle school.

Students aged 14 or 15 are sent into the countryside to help farmers for 40 days in the spring and 15-20 days in the autumn.

By Tae Hong Resorting to dating services may seem like conceding defeat to many, but the fact of the matter is, matchmakers have been around forever in Asia.

Elders would even point to today’s soaring divorce rate and tell you that it’s the better way.