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Just don’t count on public transit to get you there. Taking a long walk with a date is also a great way to get to know a person. Embrace Hollywood and stroll along the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Two of Marvel comics’ most masculine heroes, Hercules and Wolverine, embrace and share a…a… [Sighs of relief fill the room] Oh, and you haters of anyone gay or bisexual in fiction and non-fiction literature can relax as well. And by the way: whenever you meet people, try to dismiss the general assumption that every masculine man or feminine woman is “straight” or is “100 percent” heterosexual because that certainly is not the case.

and this scene happens in Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men issue No. (See the comic book news blog Bleeding Cool for more info.) For those who don’t follow comic books or who sometimes keep tabs on their favorite comic book characters, the Hercules and Wolverine characters in this alternate universe are part of a PARALLEL dimension; DO NOT confuse them with the popular and much-loved Hercules and Wolverine of “our” universe/dimension. Bisexuality is simply a special blessing given by the Creator to certain people to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of both genders; nothing more, nothing less. I think its fuckin’ kool that Marvel took this daring step with these particular two very masculine characters.

Now that the ground rule has been reaffirmed, let me continue.

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His twin sister, Aurora, possesses similar abilities. The picture shown is real…but only in an ALTERNATE universe/dimension… You have a right to feel the way you do but remember: THIS BLOG IS A NO HATE ZONE therefore, kindly refrain from making any nasty comments here that might be perceived as hatred towards the hardworking comic book story writers and artists who simply make a living by their expression of art imitating life. In this alternate universe, both Hercules and Wolverine are men which obviously mean that while both of these men are emotional and sexually attracted to men, they also are attracted to women in the same manner.[More sighs of relief fill the room] I can already “hear” some you saying, “GAY! Referring back to my comment about “” of haters of gay and bisexual characters in fiction, perhaps it’s best if I gave a brief history on the more-open introduction of gay and bisexual characters in mainstream comic books, not just for the haters of gay and bisexual people but for readers who aren’t at all into comic books.I have met alot of really fantastic people on here.My Favorite Room on Teen Chat is Teen Shack It is Tons Of Fun and there are soo many fun people from all around the world to Chat has gotta be the the most innovative chat room site i have ever visited, it is so easy to find the right room and meet people, theres no way u wont enjoy the time you spend here. Mingle2 was created by 2 singles passionate about creating a new “online dating” culture.