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In terms of the employment If you get a gift of a car from your employer then the ATO will probably consider there is a sufficient NEXUS between you receiving the gift and your Job.If your Dad gives you a car for your Birthday then you can be pretty sure it will not be taxable.Often, its cost will be rolled into your monthly payment, along with property taxes.If you do not purchase homeowners insurance on your own, lenders may “force place” insurance on the property, often at an extremely high cost to you.For example, there are a variety of strategic planning models, including goals-based, issues-based, organic, scenario (some would assert that scenario planning is more of a technique than model), etc.1) Goals-based planning is probably the most common and starts with focus on the organization's mission (and vision and/or values), goals to work toward the mission, strategies to achieve the goals, and action planning (who will do what and by when).

Most of the information in that book applies to for-profits, as well. - - - Some Basic Descriptions of Strategic Planning -- and a Comparison to Business Planning - - - Some Different Models of Strategic Planning - - - For-Profit Versus Nonprofit Strategic Planning Benefits of Strategic Planning When Should Strategic Planning Be Done? Always First Do "Plan for a Plan" Strategic Analyses - - - Taking Wide Look Around the Outside of Organization (Opportunities and Threats) - - - Looking Around Inside the Organization (Strengths and Weaknesses) Setting Strategic Direction - - - Strategizing (identifying goals and methods to achieve them) - - - - - - Understanding Strategy and Strategic Thinking - - - - - - Do a SWOT Analysis of Results of Looking Outside and Inside the Organization?It has always been difficult for newcomers to a hobby to bridge the gap from casual outsider to knowledgeable, committed insider.Many collectors are so self-absorbed that they have little patience to initiate beginners.EDITOR: As I am not knowledgeable about whether gifts are taxable I asked my accountant friend Andrew Jeffers from Shuriken to provide general guidance on the subject. Please note that my guest article is intended to give some guidance to the question “Are Gifts Taxable?” It isn’t personal financial advice and I don’t get into the full legal arguments.In other cases, geographical distribution simply does not lend itself to easy communication between collectors, new or established.