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And as the sun rises overhead, puppies pour into the field out of seemingly nowhere. ” and I die because life is too freakin’ perfect and nothing will ever be this good ever again.Like the fluffiest, cutest, most cuddly puppies ever. And then my lover, Tim Riggins (Is it weird to be this into a fictional character? My idea of a perfect date would be spent in seclusion with none other than Hollywood A-lister, Chris Evans.One little girl reminded him to pay for everything and to agree with everything his date said, while another boy reminded him not to order beans because they make you fart.He also provided us with a tragic rap that the kids didn’t seem too thrilled with either. The best solution is of course to meet in person and have a real-life date with someone you’ve met online.When geography gets in the way, there’s nothing better, more fun or sexier than scheduling a Skype date or using Face Time or a Google Hangout for two on your i Phone or i Pad.I’d be sprawled out on a towel as he approaches in his full “Captain America” garb in a slo-mo “Baywatch” style jog.Once he sets his towel down next to mine, he would offer (because, you know, gentleman) to lather me up in SPF 75 because he’s concerned about my pale complexion’s exposure to direct sunlight (again, gentleman).

after discovering that one of its members doesn't own underwear. We'll get there.) This week, they released an '80s-style dating video about finding love. Titled "Perfect Pair: The Quest for Immortal Love," it was shared on Facebook and features Huni, Reignover, Wild Turtle, Pobelter and Adrian against a laser backdrop, the kind you probably chose for a school picture at some point, if you were stylin'.When Elba asked the kids if they would be his Valentine, one little girl enthusiastically answered, “My mom would! Can Lead, a nonprofit that helps schoolgirls in Sierra Leone become a new generation of dynamic female leaders. ” Check out all of the shenanigans for yourself below. But that’s not really important, because all I’m looking at is my boo, Tim Riggins.He’s obviously shirtless and his abs are hypnotizing."Honestly, I just wanna be comfortable," Huni says, sporting a chain thick enough to make Dinesh jealous, and snazzy fingerless gloves.