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White blood cells – APCs, B cells, and T-cells – recognize, destroy and “remember” this version of the pathogen. Live, attenuated vaccines fight viruses and contain a weakened version of the living virus (e.g., measles-mumps-rubella and varicella vaccine).That way, the immune system can quickly recognize and destroy this harmful microorganism later on. Inactivated vaccines also fight viruses and contain the killed virus (e.g., polio vaccines).I think you will see why the Centers for Disease Control wants to keep the lid on thimerosal. Robert Johnson, Immunologist, University of Colorado, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000“But there is now the point at which the research results have to be handled, and even if this committee decides that there is no association and that information gets out, the work has been done and through the freedom of information that will be taken by others and will be used in other ways beyond the control of this group.Here are three important quotes from the “…the number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. And I am very concerned about that as I suspect that it is already too late to do anything regardless of any professional body and what they say…My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized with DTP, Hepatitis B and if possible Hib, this year, next year and for many years to come, and that will have to be with thimerosal containing vaccines unless a miracle occurs and an alternative is found quickly and is tried and found to be safe.” – Dr.Proper vaccine storage, preparation, and handling are critical in maintaining the integrity of the vaccine.Vaccine quality is the shared responsibility of all parties, from the time vaccine is manufactured until it is administered.

2009 H1N1 vaccines must be stored and transported within the recommended temperature range of 2°C to 8°C (35°F to 46°F).

Once the altered pathogen is introduced into the bloodstream, it is captured by antigen-presenting cell (APC), which float around looking for invaders.

When an APC detects the vaccine antigen, it ingests it, breaks it apart, and displays a piece of the antigen on its surface.

In hospitals, for example, medical staff, clinical staff, patients, and visitors are continuously exposed to microorganisms, as they are in natural settings.

Fortunately, humans have evolved complex systems to defend against pathogenic or disease-producing microorganisms that often can prevent infection from becoming established.