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Relevant data and updating projects

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We are very accustomed to using SSDT BI projects (formerly BIDS) for SSIS (Integration Services), SSAS (Analysis Services), and SSRS (Reporting Services).

A data warehouse contains numerous database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, functions, and so forth.Face-to-face communication allows more easily for gauging others’ reactions to what you are communicating, which allows you to ensure they are hearing what you intend them to hear and understand what you are saying.Meetings may be costly if you need to bring individuals in from other states and/or countries to participate.The contents of items in the SSDT DB project are the 'Create Table' statements, 'Create View' statements, 'Create Schema' statements, and so forth.This is based upon “declarative database development” which focuses on the final state desired for an object.However, it may be a good idea, for global projects, to have at least a face-to-face meeting as a project kickoff and another meeting mid-way through or near the end of the project.