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The conversation started to get heated, and at that point, he went off the record and basically went into a rage. And my producer Kaitlin Roberts and I talked about what had just happened. Well, I have never cried with anyone that I was reporting on. well I definitely, like, no subject has ever made me cry because of how they were talking to me. Each store had a number, so New York’s stores went by NY1, NY2, NY3… He’d talk about sales numbers and hot styles, or how to merchandise clothes better. American Apparel had warned a couple of times that it might have to declare bankruptcy. And then there were all the sexual harassment allegations against Dov, which had done serious damage to the company’s reputation.

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Philip Barry, the managing director of Playboy TV Chat, said that while a lot of the saucy calls to the TV station were from younger men returning from nights out, more experienced viewers were also picking up the phone, especially in North Devon.

This series certainly encourages sex education which has always been a taboo in our society. This series by bindass chronicles the journey of Meera, a girl from Dehradun who comes to Mumbai to accomplish her dreams of being a stylist.

The series shows her struggles of being an intern at a fashion house and living in the 'city of dreams'.

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