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Updating album artwork on iphone

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For those of us who had spent years finessing large collections into perfect shape, this was a non-starter.

I solved thumbnails bug by deleting all songs in general/usage/ipod, then deleting the folder itunes control through ifiles (it will create a new one) , then reboot (not just respring). (I turned device off and back on again before turning Match back on just to be safe, but not sure it's necessary.) You can go into your Music and see the little spinning wheel constantly working a half second at a time (for each album cover being updated from A to Z).

)Addendum: Still doesn't work for some albums, which I suspect may be missing cover art in the i Tunes Store.

Will experiment with adding my own art and seeing if it pulls through Match, and update here.

1) The first thing we’re going to need to do, quite obviously, is find an image of the album cover. Google Images is a great source to find these images.

Another site that is great for album artwork is 2) You’ll need to save the image somewhere that is easily accessible. 3) Once the image is saved, you’ll need to re-open i Tunes.

Use your mouse to click them and drag them into position, and use the mouse to drag their corners and resize them, if necessary, to make this possible.

To smoothly solve the i Tunes 12 sync issues, we have summarized the most commonly encountered i Tunes 12 problems you may met. Unable to Sync Audiobooks from i Tunes to i Phone Q17.

How to Copy Playlists to i Phone, i Pad with i Tunes 12 Q5. "I was so happy when I no longer had to sync my device with i Tunes because it has NEVER worked well for someone with an i Phone and a Windows PC." Since the release of i OS 8 and i Tunes 12, a large number of users have encountered problem when sync music with i Tunes.

There is no music ever getting transferred even after several time attempts.

Close ipod app, transfert your songs to the ipod and the thumbnails should appear. with i Tunes recent update to artwork, this is how I got the new artwork over to my i OS device. Restarting the device wasn't necessary, and, although turning i Tunes Match back on warns you that the music on your device will be replaced, this apparently doesn't apply to music you'd already pulled from Match (as was the case with all the tracks on my i Phone).

I should also note that I had to turn the Use Cellular Data setting on while away from Wi Fi (easy step to miss!