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Updating social security card

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Why is a Social Security number needed to apply for a driver's license or state identification card? You will also need to complete a Form SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Card). Will it be accepted when I apply for my driver's license or state ID card? If you do not inform the Social Security Administration of your name change, the Department of State cannot process your driver's license or state ID card application.Michigan law requires the Department of State to collect and verify Social Security numbers before issuing a driver's license or state identification card. driver's license, state identification card or U. You should first visit your local Social Security office to apply for a card in your new name before heading to a Secretary of State office. The department verifies all names and Social Security numbers before issuing a license or ID card.

I-766 and I-94 forms satisfy worker eligibility proof. passport satisfies proof of citizenship and identification requirements.(Michigan Vehicle Code, 1949 PA 300, as amended by 1998 PA 330; and State Identification Card Act, 1972 PA 222, as amended by 2008 PA 31.) Social Security numbers are used for child support collection and to assist in establishing identity. The Social Security Administration requires you to provide proof of your identity, U. If your name and date of birth do not match with what is on file at the Social Security Administration, your application will be denied.What do I have to bring to a Secretary of State office to prove I have a valid Social Security number? immigration document and foreign passport with biographical information or photograph. You should apply for a new card at your local Social Security office. After changing your name with the Social Security Administration, please wait three business days before visiting a Secretary of State office to apply for your license or ID card to ensure your records with the Social Security Administration have been updated.Once the SSA has your documents and verifies them, they mail you a corrected card in approximately 10 business days.Is your Social Security number (SSN) missing or incorrect? IU and go to SSN/educational tax credit verification. If you’re unable to change your SSN, please submit a scan or photo of your Social Security card through our secure contact form.This was under my Maiden Name exactly as how it was on my I-94.