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I am not specialist in RSS, but I see the error.atom:id must be a full and valid URLTry to validate Any audio or video producer knows you have to follow the traffic if you want your content to succeed.To have Mail Chimp resize the images when we pull in the feed, check the Resize RSS feed images to fit template box on the RSS Feed step.Currently, this option can’t resize images in feeds that are viewed in Outlook. I've validated it and I got just this warning: - Missing atom:link with rel="self" linkedin do not publish my feed. This is my feed: to jvieille: I think that you have to change your feed content to eliminate all other issues.Hi I am closing this issue to clean up the issue queue.But, if you built your own feed, or just want to be safe, start by validating your feed. Head to their website, paste your RSS feed address, and click Validate.You should get a message that says “Congratulations!

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If you get an error, Feed Validator is good at telling you what the issue is. If you’re still getting an error, you’ll want to contact your podcast host.Rich also explains the importance of creating a consistent visual brand and constantly monitoring and optimizing your channels for maximum performance and views.Hootsuite does not validate RSS Feeds, but it is valid. Maybe you can get support from the local user group. I get the same problems with Linked In groups rejecting RSS feeds from my site.Specifically, gives: description should not contain relative URL references Missing atom:link with rel="self" My feed is I could not see any reference to this being fixed in Views 6.x-3Drupal 8.0.6 was released on April 6 and is the final bugfix release for the Drupal 8.0.x series.There are definitely benefits to using i Tunes Connect, and we’re excited to see what other tools Apple launches for podcasters.