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Meet Grace, a frumpy and dowdy overweight (but secretly hot) girl/woman. No male reacted well to mention of her field, and mentioning it all but guaranteed a nasty discussion of its faults and dubious merits.

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Answering questions via video from New Orleans, where she is currently filming a movie, the actress told London’s Old Bailey court that she probably did leave the aforementioned voicemail, during which she allegedly said, “Hi. It’s been turned into a titillating piece of information.I regret it’s allowed to be analyzed the way it has.”Additionally, per Reuters: films, described Craig as her best friend but later said: ”Whether or not I was in a relationship with Daniel Craig at the time, it was a very brief encounter.” [...] “People who heard who didn’t understand the relationship would have thought it was a pretty exciting message to hear,” said Miller, who has been filming in New Orleans.And our relationship is a very private thing, and I think part of the fact it works so well is exactly because of that.” On how his career has changed now that he’s older: “I love how age has such an influence on the job I do.The career you’re having as a 40-year-old actor is completely different than you have as a 20-year-old actor…I could never have played Lenny when I was 25 because there’s a certain amount of experience he has that a 45-year-old has that a 25-year-old doesn’t have.” For more from Jude, visit Modern A) She’s a little bit all over the place and quite possibly boy crazy. There’s always some insider info on this guy or that guy and Cameron.B) The tabloids just love reporting about her – love it. And one of these rumors is being used against Criss Angel in his divorce. Don’t get us wrong, a Diaz plus Jude Law relationship would be fantastic. He’s a smarmy playboy with a track record of infidelity. We’ll hold off on our Diaz-love-rumors moratorium for the time being. phone-hacking trial stumbled into some salacious territory when discussing a purported 2005 love triangle between Jude Law, Sienna Miller, and Daniel Craig.During his testimony, Law admitted that while he was dating Miller, he learned via a co-star Daniel Craig.

In regard to the possibility of having more children, Miller is definitely interested. "I'm suddenly feeling very broody for more babies, and my daughter's desperate to have a sibling."In fact, Miller is more in tune with herself and her decisions after an intense recent round of therapy.An alleged voicemail Miller left for Craig, during which the actress told the James Bond actor that she loved him, was parsed ad nauseam in court. I love you.”She clarified, however, that her concluding sentiment has been misinterpreted by media this week.And today, Miller was called to testify about the complicated romance in London. “The thing that’s been slightly misconstrued about this voicemail message is the fact that I said ’I love you’ and that this was some incredibly important declaration of love.” She explained, “That’s how I would have ended my phonecalls to [Craig].I don't care about that [looks], but you know, within limits…Someone staggeringly beautiful and thick is totally ugly to me.A source is quoted as saying: "Jude is going to take her on a series of romantic dates this week."They had a lot of fun while making 'The Holiday' and this is the key to their relationship."Cameron, 34, previously admitted she "fell in love" with the 'Cold Mountain' star, also 34, after working with him last year.