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We never felt like we couldn’t do whatever we wanted to and still call it our pop. I feel like everything is pop these days so it’s really fun and you can be really creative. The day after we met we wrote our first song, it was called “Sheriff Came to Town.” We never sat down and discussed, like, “This is what we want to do, right?

What kind of music did you set out to make when you first met? ” We just threw ourselves out there and were like, okay, let’s start with this drum and see where that takes us. We’re inspired by all different stuff and just living our lives. Hjelt: And right when I thought I knew everything about you, I find out we would have probably been friends back then too. It didn’t feel like I had found the right spot in my music so I started producing myself.

And Fantasia also stepped it up in a silver glittering gown with low neckline and leg slit.

She seriously lived up to her name, looking like a fantasy and all!

Last month, the duo announced their plans for a full-length album and premiered the gritty, electro-burning scream-along summer revolt “I Love It,” written by Charli XCX.

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The duo received international attention following their debut single "Manners", released by Neon Gold on French label Kitsuné and the extended play album Nights Like This on English Mercury Records.

We are a lot about feeling so our album is going to be a lot of different songs. But my first CD that I bought was actually a mixed one. Let’s do a “Then and Now.” What was your music like before you met each other? Jawo: Well I had a band that was kinda punk-rock electro. I kind of have a dream to eventually produce all of our music ourselves.

It’s not like all of our songs are going to sound like “I Love It” or “Manners.” It’s always so hard to describe your own music. I remember the cover and everything, it was an Absolute record. You would collect them — one, two, three, four, five. And you were very not cool if you didn’t have them. It had the Prodigy and [the Babylon Zoo track] “Spaceman.” Jawo: Yeah, I had that one! Hjelt: At the beginning we did everything ourselves.

but met by chance at a party in February 2009 and formed the duo.

Four weeks later, they had written songs for their very first performance as a duo.