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Why are parents so strict about dating

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I don't its not only this culture that acts like this, and im generalizing, but my friend was dating this korean girl this year. Learning and growing up is not all about independence, it's about responsibility first of all.

This girl was 17 y/o and her parents were very strict with her and at that age, she still had a curfew! why can't asian parents let their kids live life and let them grow up into full adults. And you'll never learn to be responsible if your parents just let you do as you please.

Its a pain to hide from them, and I feel wrong doing it. Ever since I began dating, I've never told my parents about my boyfriends. A lot of my relationships have ended because my boyfriend didn't want to go behind my parents back, which is understandable. " first undrstand that they r u'r parents, their feelings..

Its a pain to hide from them, and I feel wrong doing it. u'll think u'r life of sweet 16 silly jst after 4 or 5 years... n they love u more than ny body whether it be u'r boy friend.u'r dog..

I guess they wouldn’t know it from, you know, observing other people, but perhaps the only thing worse than having strict parents is having lax parents.

Back when I was immature (cough), I had a close friend whose parents let everyone know they believed in “giving kids their space.” I was so jealous that “Nicki’s” parents bought her a car when she turned 16; my parents could have, but they made me buy my own and pay my own insurance and gas, to boot.

Part of the learning experience is to be independent and learn from your own mistakes, not your parents. With no marketable skills, her prospects for employment were bleak at best. With no marketable skills, her prospects for employment were bleak at best. Well, maybe the hard way, when you get your own kids at the age of 12 or get to jail by 14.

I'm not one of those stupid teens who would want to try having Sex. In Algebra I have a B but in Humanities, I have a C. She wants you to have a solid education etc before you get sidetracked by the powers of an intimate relationship.

At the same time, I do not want them to enforce the rules that they would if I told them.

I assert that Asian parents' obsessive emphasis on grades, test scores, and college rankings originate from their upbringing in a poor, oppressive, and politically-unstable third-world society.

I'm envious of the way that most of my friends' parents are so laid-back and cool about them dating.

They aren't nosy and controlling like my parents would be.