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Woods hole carbon dating

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Enquiries were made to the Institute requesting access to the data or an interview with one or more of the scientists who were involved.

A reply was received and two of the scientists consented to be interviewed by phone.

A 0 (federally-funded) surcharge applies to high precision analysis (minimum batch size 5 samples). Additional fees may be assessed for preparation of samples not ready for routine processing, samples which yield no analyzable carbon or those withdrawn at client request.

The scientific activities performed during this time frame aimed the fulfillment of the objectives mentioned in the unique phase 2016.

A shellfish alive today in a lake within a limestone catchment, for instance, will yield a radiocarbon date which is excessively old.

The reason for this anomaly is that the limestone, which is weathered and dissolved into bicarbonate, has no radioactive carbon.

Carbon has different isotopes, which are usually not radioactive; C is the radioactive one, its half-life, or time it takes to radioactively decay to one half its original amount, is about 5,730 years.

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Valier Galy Associate Scientist Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Contact Information: Work: [email protected]: Fye 107DMailing Address: Mailstop 04 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole, MA 02543Education♦ Masters degree of Engineering, Ecole National Superieure de Geologie de Nancy, France, 2003 ♦ Masters degree of Reaserch, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France, 2003 ♦ Ph.[A Conventional Radiocarbon Age or CRA, does not take into account specific differences between the activity of different carbon reservoirs.A CRA is derived using an age calculation based upon the decay corrected activity of the absolute radiocarbon standard (1890 AD wood) which is in equilibrium with atmospheric radiocarbon levels (as mentioned previously, 1890 wood is no longer used as the primary radiocarbon standard, instead Oxalic Acid standards I and II were correlated with the activity of the original standard).The first myths to be dispelled were that the study was paid for by the Triton organization and that the contents were somehow confidential; one of the scientists specifically said 'there are no secret Woods Hole files about Oak Island' in order to clear up this misconception.The research was actually commissioned by a Boston-based philanthropist whose name I am witholding from publication in order to prevent him from being deluged with requests for additional information.This individual has no known link to the Triton folk and it is not presently known why he requested the study be performed.